Home Solar Panels, Virginia & Pennsylvania2021 Tax Credit Extended!

Take advantage of the 2021 tax credit extension! Homeowners who go solar can receive up to an additional $1,500 cashback. Call Us: 610.248.1028 - OR- Click the button below to fill out an online request.

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Home Solar Panels, Virginia & PennsylvaniaEliminate or Reduce Your Electric Cost

Home solar panels allow you to use very little to no energy from your electric provider!

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Home Solar Panels, Virginia & PennsylvaniaDo Your Part for the Environment

The average solar home helps save 15,000 gallons of gas, 48 tons of waste and 2,300 trees!

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Home Solar Panels, Virginia & PennsylvaniaIncrease Your Home Value Instantly

Studies show that home solar panels add value to your home and can help it to sell faster!

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See If You Qualify

Homeowners may request a free home solar panel quote by contacting us at (610) 297-0701 or (610) 248-1028 or by completing the form. A home solar panel expert will contact you within 24 hours!

Home Solar Panels Hd Solar Zero Energy Virginia Pennsylvania

The Leading Home Solar Panels

Homeowners in the Richmond, Virginia, and Eastern area of Pennsylvania who choose HD Solar for home solar panels enjoy numerous benefits. You can expect instant monthly savings on electricity costs, a generous federal tax credit, the assurance that you are improving the environment and increased home value.

Let’s Go Solar!

  • Instant Monthly Savings

  • No More Rate Increases

  • Federal Tax Credit

Improve Environment

  • Increase Home Value

  • Better Home Marketability

What to Expect

  • Hd Solar Home Solar Panels Free Quote Virginia Pennsylvania

    1. Get a Free Quote

    Based on your home address and kilowatt usage, we will work with our network of engineers and installers to develop a free quote that we will present to you in-person or virtually. The presentation will include details about the suggested solar system for your home, its cost and your projected savings.

  • Hd Solar Home Solar Panels Design Permits Virginia Pennsylvania

    2. Design & Permits

    Our solar experts will do an on-site survey and use both satellite imagery and 3D modeling tools to custom-design a solar system that meets your daily energy needs. Once the design is approved, we will take care of all the permitting requirements!

  • Hd Solar Home Solar Panels Installation Activation Virginia Pennsylvania

    3. Installation & Activation

    Our installers will complete every aspect of the installation, from mounting panels to your roof to rewiring your electrical panel and utility meter. After installation, we will activate the system, and you will start enjoying immediate benefits!

Affordable Solar for All

The cost of installing solar panels on your home will vary depending on your energy needs. While some homeowners choose to pay for the cost upfront, most choose to finance. Even when making monthly loan payments, homeowners pay less overall than they were paying the electric company previously!

  • No Obligation In-Home Consultation
  • $0 Upfront Costs
  • Instant Approval
  • Low-Interest Rates
  • No Escalating Payments
  • Locally Owned and Operated

Take Advantage of the 2021 Tax Credit Extension!

Homeowners who go solar will qualify for the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC.) Apply the refund to the cost of your new solar system or receive a refund check!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much can I expect to save by going solar?

    With new home solar panels, you will use very little to no energy from your electric provider because you’ll be using clean, sustainable energy through solar. The amount of savings when going solar varies according to local utility costs. However, by choosing HD Solar, you are assured that your electric usage costs will be $0 or significantly less than what you are currently paying. One of our solar experts will help you understand what you can expect to save.

  • Why does HD Solar want to see my current electric bill?

    To prepare the most accurate quote, we need to know your home’s average monthly kilowatt usage, which can usually be found on your electric bill.

  • Will I still receive an electric bill?

    You will still receive an electric bill because you remain connected to the grid (unless your solar system has battery storage and you are completely off the grid), but the usage portion of your bill will be $0 or significantly less. However, you should still expect to pay standard utility connection fees.

  • How does going solar help the environment?

    By choosing a solar system for your home, you are directly improving the environment. The average solar home helps save 15,000 gallons of gas, 48 tons of waste and 2,300 trees. 

  • What if my home solar panels produce extra electricity?

    Net metering allows you to pump excess electricity back to the grid. All electricity not used by your home and sent back to the grid will be credited at a 1-1 retail rate. The utility basically becomes a built-in battery for the solar system.

  • What if there is not very much sunny weather?

    Your home solar panels will still produce energy on cloudy and foggy days. However, rain and snow may affect your solar system’s production.

  • Can I add more solar panels later?

    As long as your roof has the room for additional panels, you can have more solar panels added by contacting HD Solar.

  • Will home solar panels increase my property tax?

    No. Home solar panels are property tax-exempt.

  • Will home solar panels increase the value of my home?

    Most likely, yes! Various studies have shown that home solar panels add value to your home and can help it to sell faster.

  • What if I move?

    If you choose to finance your home solar panels, you can either pay the system off when you sell the house or transfer the loan to the new homeowner (subject to the lender terms and conditions).

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About HD Solar

Drawing on years of experience in the solar and customer service fields, a father in the Eastern area of Pennsylvania and his son in Richmond, Virginia, formed HD Solar. Our goal has always been helping homeowners save money while benefiting the environment. When you contact HD Solar, you are immediately paired with a knowledgeable solar expert, who will negotiate with our network of engineers and installers to customize the best solution for you!